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PMA Powder Coating Limited

Units 2 &3 -New Close
Bailey Gate industrial Estate
Sturminster Marshall
Dorset – BH21 4DB
Phone: +44(0) 1258 858629;
+44(0) 1258 858500
Mobile No.: +44(0) 7738 320235

+44(0) 1258 858629; +44(0) 1258 858500; +44(0) 7738 320235

Health and Safety

Health, Safety & Environment Policy Statements

PMA Powder Coating Limited is committed to the protection of its resources including employees, physical assets, financial loss and any environmental impact resulting from accidental occurrence.

In fulfilling this commitment, which is essential to and equally important as production objectives, we shall provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment together with adequate welfare facilities. We shall also protect the public against foreseeable hazards resulting from its operations.

Loss of productivity and property resulting from accidental occurrences can be controlled through good risk management and loss prevention techniques. Loss prevention is one aspect of this process and is the direct responsibility of all management employed by.

All executive management, business and associated management, line supervision and employees shall comply with their statutory duties and loss prevention requirements applicable to the design, operation and maintenance of facilities and equipment. Should conformity with any of these requirements not be practicable or cost effective, a grant of variance shall be sought. Reviews for compliance with this policy will be carried out on a selective basis.

Managing Director’s
Nigel Bacon & Stephen Pudwell